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OCD - Off-Centered Drill

The OCD – Off-Centered Drill allows the user to easily drill in corners or wherever space is limited.


Rebecca Daum


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The OCD – Off-Centered Drill addresses two problems in drilling. First, drilling in a corner is often problematic because there is limited space available to use an electric drill. One cannot position the screwdriver in an optimal angle to have full control of the action. Also, the screw’s head can easily be damaged by applying the drill in a non-perpendicular direction. The second problem happens when the screwdriver is out of reach and the user is already holding the object in the position that it is to be fixed. For both scenarios, the Off-Centered Drill offers a solution.

The Off-Centered Drill allows one to easily drill in corners or wherever space is limited. In addition to the off-centred position of the drill, the angle between the handle and the drill head is bigger than the usual 90-degree angle. This results in less space required to reach corners and still allows the user to apply enough pressure to the screw. The elastic straps make it possible to fix the drill in hand while working and arranging. The trigger button is big enough to even operate the drill with protection gloves on.

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