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Nuts Cons

Nuts Cons is a convenient nut container design. specialty in its material of silica gel which combines both elasticity and changeability, when you use it, you can turn up its lid and which will change to be a tray that can put nuts; when you finish using it, you can turn down the lid.

Nuts Cons is a nut container with a stainless steel body and an elastic silicone cover. This silicone cover can be flipped and reversed to form a tray that holds nuts. When the tray is no longer needed, simply flip it back into a lid and snap back to close tightly.

A magnetic clasp under the lid keeps the cover firmly magnetised to a stainless steel tube that extends out from the container. This makes it convenient to turn the lid up or down, using it as a tray or sealed container without ever removing the lid. To throw out any debris on the tray, simply detach the lid and throw out the trash. Shaped like a nut, this container is aesthetically pleasing, convenient and efficient.


Dr. Xu Jiang, Teng Yilin, Liu Boya, Deng Shunyuan


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