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New voyage experience accessible to everyone

This concept for a small ship proposes a new approach to the infrastructure of shipping, addressing the shape of the vessel, accessibility and the management of passengers on board.

The designer’s primary objective was to provide a sustainable system for the basic structure of a small ship, as well as new functionalities. The use of steel allows easy repairs and replacement of components and sheet cladding, ensuring a long lifespan. Attention was given to the most cost-effective sheeting works. Optimising the time-consuming bending and pressing of sheets enabled a shape that can be manufactured efficiently. 

The ship’s design communicates safety and power. The open deck was designed to bring an intense boating experience. Boarding is assisted by an access system that spans height differences up to 1.5 metres between deck and dock. The system aligns the movement of the ship to the dock, allowing not only pedestrians to board, but also bicycles, strollers and wheelchairs. 

A unique modular seat system conforms to sustainable manufacturing on the one hand, and provides a completely new function on the other. The tip-up seats facilitate quick shedding of water and drying. They also provide free space for passengers, who can decide how to divide the space. Seat modules can easily be moved by the crew so more space can be created – for example, for cyclist groups or on-board events. Clearly visible lifejackets are built into the seats.


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Istvan Policsányi

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