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New PEDIC Series

The New PEDIC Series is a unique sanitiser line for homes and active lifestyles. Designed for everyday shoe care, it consists of two or four wireless sanitiser units with a charging dock.

The New PEDIC Series consists of PEDIC V2 (a shoe sanitizer for everyday use) and PEDIC SPORT (a portable version of PEDIC V2 for sanitizing all kinds of sport gears on the go). They release a specific band of UV-C ray that is very effective in eliminating harmful germs, bacteria, and fungus, which are the main causes of bad odour and various diseases.


Kee Utility Inc. , South Korea
Team Lead: Kim Sangki
Design: Han Dong-Gyun


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Unlike other chemical methods, using UV-C germicidal ray does not generate any environmental issues or resistant bacteria. It is strong and effective for sanitisation but finding a balance between usability and safety is tricky because this ray is harmful to the human body. 

Since this ray cannot pass through any transparent or translucent material, glass or plastic was not a solution for maximising penetrability while protecting the bulb. Instead, a beautifully shaped and firmly structured mesh material with dense hexagonal patterns and shock absorber is employed to allow UV-C ray to pass through well enough without damaging the bulb.

A product to be used every day should be extremely easy to use and convenient to maintain. The New PEDIC Series have achieved all the requirements in function, performance, usability, safety, manufacturing, and even provides a warranty service period for end users. A pre-activation mechanism prevents users from being exposed to the ray directly with its 10-second warm-up duration and an automatic “on” and “off” activation. These wireless sanitizer units run on rechargeable battery and a charging dock (PEDIC V2), or a micro-USB port (PEDIC SPORT) for maximising usability. When the battery or bulb has to be replaced, just unscrewing one bolt is enough, which saves time and money for both service providers and users.

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