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New Packing Design Of Eggs


East China Normal University, China

Faculty Advisors: Prof. Chan Jinmy, Prof. Mao Xi

Design: Zhao Xinjie, Li Chaoquan, Wang Zichun, Zhao Yuanyuan


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Design should explore new possibilities in lifestyle and provide new forms. The concept of this new packaging for eggs is inspired by honeycomb structures. Because eggs are fragile and breakable, its packaging should be more protective. However, traditional egg cartons do not protect well. This design offers an alternative solution.

There are two ways to step up the design of eggs packaging. First, it needs to save space and secondly, it should provide a harder structure. The new packaging is designed in a honeycomb structure that, while fulfilling both criteria, also gives a new visual effect. Furthermore, the design allows a whole pack of eggs to be hung on the wall, which is an additional space-saving idea.

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