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Nest Pole

Nest Pole is specially designed for birds to coexist with human. In a world where birds continue to lose their habitats to rapid urbanisation, they can build their nests on steel structures as they would in nature.


Ryu Uiyoul, Kim Jihyun
South Korea

Development of modern society has resulted in rapid urbanisation, which has significantly reduced the population of trees. As a result, birds begin to build their nests on telegraph poles around the city. Amongst all incidents of power failure, approximately 30% of these incidents are caused by birds nesting on telegraph poles. Each year, not only are manpower hours and social cost spent on the removal of birds’ nests, these nests that are the hard work of the birds are also frequently destroyed. 

Observing how birds have a habit of building their nests on telegraph poles they mistake as tree branches, Nest Pole is a steel structure that simulates a tree form and attracts birds to nest. The structure contains a space within which the nest of birds can be protected from destruction. Furthermore, the complicated structure of a telegraph pole can be neatly hidden inside the Nest Pole with the effective arrangement of wires. This reduces the risk of electrical accidents and also ensures easy maintenance of the poles. 

The Nest Pole solves the problem caused by the nests and allows for a harmonious relationship between modern society and the natural environment. With the Nest Pole, birds and people can live together respectfully and sustainably.

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