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Multifunctional coffee table OIIIO

Multifunctional Coffee Table OIIIO has an advantageous form that allows several tables to be stacked vertically to create a sculptural shelving solution or, be stored away.


Wojciech Morsztyn

The objective of this project was to expand the possibilities of wood – to find new forms, new uses and new solutions. Made of oak wood, characterised by a dynamic shape and slim lines, the Multifunctional Coffee Table OIIIO is inspired by nature and its materials. Its very simple form creates many possible functions for different situations and its unique structure is responsible for this versatility. 

Multifunctional Coffee Table OIIIO is set on a basic circular disk, from which three arms extend upwards to connect with the worktop. A fundamental step of the production methods lies in executing the design of the supporting arms perfectly – then are subtly bent and then combined with the other parts of the table. When a few coffee tables are stacked vertically, it creates a sculptural storage solution. With an unconventional but timeless form, this table fits in well with many different spaces. OIIIO is easy to store, but even when used as a decorative object in its original form, it provides a great effect.


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