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Multifunction Trolley

This is a convertible office trolley that can be transformed into a flatbed cart or storage trolley to suit different functions and space limitations.

The Multifunction Trolley can be converted into two types of occasional carts – as a flatbed cart to transport big and heavy items, or folded up into a storage trolley or island with optional shelves. Folded up, it becomes small and flexible enough to navigate the narrow aisles of an office, or simply kept away when not in use. The trolley is built in modular parts that can be easily assembled and disassembled, produced and reproduced.


Lin Yu-Xiang, Wan Guang-Han

Converting the trolley is easy – the flat bed can be lifted up by the small grip handle and secured in an angled, upright position that is suitable for shelving. The shelving plates that are built into the trolley’s flat bed can be released and secured flat. To facilitate the transportation of smaller fragmented items, detachable folding boxes can be magnetically secured to these plates.


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