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Multifunction Paintbrush

This Multifunction Paintbrush can open paint tins and when not in use, rest on a surface without staining the surface. The brush head is removable and recyclable, making this a convenient and environmental product.


Hubei University Of Technology
Faculty Advisors: Prof. Deng Weibin, Wang Jun
Design: Li Xue, Chen Yuanyuan, Li Yue

When ordinary paintbrushes are used, there are inconveniences that come along with the usage. For example, putting down a stained brush in a way that doesn’t stain the surface is a problem. A paintbrush also provides a limited number of uses before it becomes dirty, unusable and requires replacing. 

To address these inconveniences, this Multifunction Paintbrush is designed with a special brush head and handle. The handle itself curves and angles the bristles away from the ground so that the user can rest a stained brush on a surface without worrying about dirtying it and thus, be able to paint uninhibitedly. With a detachable structure, the brush head can be replaced while the handle is permanently reusable. This reduces waste as compared to disposing the entire paintbrush.

As an added advantage, the tail end of the brush handle is designed to open paint cans easily. With a simple and seamless design the Multifunction Paintbrush is aesthetically pleasant and made with a brush handle is easy to grasp.


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