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Multidimensional Supervision

Multidimensional Supervision is specially designed for fitness activities. The side posture of the user during a workout will be captured and displayed on the mirror for better fitness supervision.


Dalian Minzu University, China
Faculty Advisors: Prof. Bao Haimo, Qiao Song
Design: Xu Kun, Guan Yue, Liu Chunnan , Zhang Xiaoliang, Liu Hai, Su Fangyu, Lin Ziao, Wei Zongpo

When working out, it is usually difficult to get a good perspective of one’s posture from the side. Multidimensional Supervision offers a way to observe both the front and side posture at the same time when the “double view” mode is selected. This turns a normal mirror into a clever one. 

Multidimensional Supervision forms a component using two mirrors – the main mirror reflects, while the side mirror records and displays. Its multi-pinhole camera films precisely to enhance the imaging of the second view. Multidimensional Supervision also incorporates a night vision function and a music player at the bottom of the touch panel. 

When the side posture imaging is required, simply open the touch panel and adjust to the required function. A display area then lights up on the mirror. When the side posture imaging is turned off, the “double view” goes back to being a regular mirror. Multidimensional Supervision enhances sports supervision and improves sports safety, encouraging quality rather than quantity. With this two-way imaging function, one can even supervise himself without a private fitness coach.


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