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MUG+ is a mug with a small magnet embedded near the top of its handle. It is designed for a spoon or tea strainer to fit the side of the mug perfectly, so that they do not become annoyances.


Wei Taiming

When drinking a cup of coffee or tea, one may never find an appropriate way to place the stirring spoon without the spoon getting in the way. MUG+ solves this problem by incorporating a flat surface and an embedded small magnet at the top of the cup handle. This allows the top of the MUG+ stainless steel spoon to sit against the inside of the mug firmly and perfectly, thus preventing the spoon from doing accidentally “flips”. 

With MUG+, drinks can be enjoyed without the spoon being an annoyance. Aside from a steel spoon, MUG+ can also be accompanied by a stainless steel tea strainer. When drinking tea, the presence of the strainer is barely noticeable due to the seamless design.


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