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Mobile Solar Power Station

Mobile Solar Power Station (MSPS) is designed for people who drive electric vehicles, especially over long distances. Even in remote areas, these stations float like blimps and can be deployed anywhere alongside highways or used as common power stations.


Liu Mingyu

In the US, there are more than 120,000 gasoline stations, and only about 8,000 charging stations for vehicles. Due to the poor infrastructure, it is not as easy to recharge an electric vehicle, as it is to fill up a petrol tank of a fuel-run vehicle. At the same time, it also takes a lot of time and money to build a high-coverage charging network.  

Mobile Solar Power Station (MSPS) is a new mobile solar power solution that makes it feasible and more comfortable to drive electric vehicle for long-haul trips. Compared to gas stations, MSPS does not require any traditional infrastructure. It floats like a blimp, moves as it is needed to places, and small units of blimps can be grouped to create large charging clusters. MSPS collects energy via a large solar panel on the top and converts the power into electricity to charge vehicles. In sunny areas, the system would be able to simultaneously support the charging load of up to six vehicles. While waiting, drivers can take a refreshment break and be entertained by MSPS’s comfort facilities, such as restrooms, vending machines, and drive-in movies.

As traffic conditions change, or in the event of disasters, the demand for charging facilities correspondingly changes. Permanent stations cannot satisfy different needs, but MSPS can be dynamically deployed via a remote control centre to any place the service is needed. In conclusion, MSPS is an ideal solution that has no limitation of position, landform, and environment. It is based on mutual technologies of solar energy and blimps, and has relatively low operating costs. The high convenience of charging electric vehicles would encourage more to begin using clean energy transportation, bring down the spending of infrastructure constructions, and make the earth a cleaner place.


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