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MIXELF applies thermoelectric technology to assist the cooking process, during which the temperature difference from cooking is utilised to transform heat energy into electricity. With this electricity, MIXELF stirs the ingredients automatically from the bottom.

MIXELF contains a removable motor in the middle and two blades on both sides, which allows the user to clean up easily. The motor has a magnetic interior, which sets MIXELF at the bottom of the pot. Unlike other magnets, this magnet can withstand extreme heat and resist demagnetising effects. The blades will press closely to the bottom of the pot and operate in an airfoil-imitated form, which creates a rotating and swirling flow to mix up the cooking content smoothly. In addition, MIXELF is made of stainless steel, which makes it more durable.

The Thermoelectric part can be separated into three sections – with the cooler at the top, the heating panel at the bottom and between them is the heart of MIXELF, the thermoelectric chip. The thermoelectric chip will transform the temperature difference between the ‘cool’ side and ‘heat’ side into electricity. After all these conditions are fit, MIXELF will gain enough energy to do its job.


Katherine Chou, Kevin Wu, Chang Yueh-Wen, Chiang Lu-Hung


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