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Mini Wash Station

Mini Wash Station is a product designed not only to fit small bathrooms, but also to look presentable in a living room or any other spaces where water pipes can be installed.

At first glance, the Mini Wash Station looks like a full-sized mirror. The washbasin is seamlessly embedded into the cabinet. On the front mirror, one can find touch icons that respectively serve to turn on the LED light, turn out the basin and activate the anti-fog function.

The design of the wash station can be easily integrated into any space of any function and its compactness is tailor-made for tiny bathrooms. The mirror cabinet has an aluminium profile covered with PVC film that is lightweight and moisture-resistant. The washbasin is made with stainless steel and fits the limited space within the cabinet. The faucet is wall-mounted and the drainage component is built underneath, making this a complete washing system and facility.


Moen (Shanghai) Kitchen & Bath Products Co., Ltd, China
Team Lead: Zhang Jie
Design: Zhang Jack


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