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Mini Ovulation Microscope for Smartphone

This saliva ovulation predictor device works with smartphones to help women get a better reading on their ovulation cycles.


Women’s Guard Biomedical Technology Corporation, Taiwan
Team Lead: Hung Chien-Hsiung
Design: Prof. Jeng Cherng-Jye, Yang Yi-Jing 

Panpac Medical Corporation, Taiwan
Team Lead: Pan Yen-Ming


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Women’s Guard Mini Ovulation Microscope for Smartphone (MOMFS-1) is the smallest personal ovulation saliva microscope on the market. It has an innovative design to improve the saliva ovulation testing process. When a woman’s ovulation phase is near, her hormone levels increase and her saliva starts to form a distinctive fern-like crystal. With existing saliva ovulation predictors, the camera focus has to be adjusted manually and it takes a longer time to get a clear image of the saliva crystals for evaluation. Since changes are difficult to spot, it is also easy to misread when the device is not used correctly. 

The unique feature about MOMFS-1 is its smart auto-focus function that replaces traditional manual focus. MOMFS-1 works with a smartphone app to observe, record and store the test images. To use, simply place a drop of saliva on the slide glass and align the MOMFS-1 to the smartphone’s camera. The device has a special built-in lens that automatically focuses on the saliva crystals and presents the images on the screen of the phone. Users can then enlarge the image with the smartphone’s magnification function.

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