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MIITO Precise is intelligently designed to heat any liquid directly in a vessel, while cutting down on excess water and energy usage.


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Jasmina Grase, Nils Chudy
Latvia, Germany

“One day of extra energy use [from overfilling electric kettles] is enough to light all the streetlights in England for a night.” (Leyla Acaroglu)

MIITO Precise is intelligently designed to heat only the amount of water needed directly in the vessel of choice, saving both energy and water. To use a MIITO Precise kettle, the user fills a mug with water and places it on an induction plate with the metal rod immersed in the liquid. The plate creates an electromagnetic field, which only heats ferrous materials. The rod heats up and transfers its heat directly, only to the liquid. The simple shape of the rod makes it easy to clean and minimise lime scale build-up, and a silicone handle insulates the rod for handling. 

Other unique selling points include: an option to choose to heat liquid between 30°-100°C, the ability to work with different vessels, water and energy saving design by heating only the amount one needs, a soft mode for heating milk and an estimated 30% less energy usage than conventional electric kettles.

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