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Metamorphozo is space-saving solution that provides a new and intelligent way to store utensils.


Mikhail Skrypan
Russian Federation


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Metamorphozo is a set of dinnerware for two, and an interior art object when stacked away. This gives additional meaning to the storage process and this ability to multitask as a display object eliminates the need for extra dinnerware storage. Metamorphozo transforms the tedious process of tidying clean dishes into a new creative experience. The shape of each dinnerware component is designed to be freely stacked as desired to form different visual effects.

The Metamorphozo dinnerware set for two consists of two sets of plates, side plates, deep plates and bowls. Its dimensions when stacked away as a spherical art object are 280 mm by 280 mm by 266.8 mm. All the components in the set are manufactured from clay (stoneware or porcelain) via press-moulding technology. Metamorphozo is a flexible product with a scalable basic form that allows the current range of components to expand – more plates and bowls in different styles for different purposes can be produced in any colour and surface finishing (glossy or matte).

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