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MEDI is a system that connects the drug vending machine and the individual mobile consumer. It helps people find places to buy medicine, use medicine in the right dosage and recycle any unused or expired medicine

Discarding expired drugs into public waste disposal systems has a devastating effect on the environment, yet the general attitude and knowledge towards expired drugs tend to be very casual. MEDI helps counter this problem with a mobile application that encourages people to recycle their unfinished or expired drugs by incentive exchange mechanisms. The points obtained from drug take-back can be used to redeem other hygiene products.


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Wan Jiayiwei, Fan Xiaohui, Yang Zhihong, Sun Weitong, Wang Zhiyi 

More importantly, MEDI allows people to buy drugs conveniently, only in the dosage that they need, thus reducing the chances of unfinished or expired drugs. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find a pharmacy to buy medicine or get a prescription in an emergency. MEDI allows consumers to order medicine in customised dosages. MEDI medical vending machines can also be set up in communities, hotels, schools and other public places to supply general medicine in small dosages. The mobile application has a navigation tool that identifies the locations of these vending machines.

With the above systems, MEDI minimises environmental pollution caused by carelessly discarded drugs. In addition, the MEDI mobile application also serves as a close aide that automatically reminds users to take their medicine. Linked to the vending machine, it does not even require users to set the time and dosage data. When drugs are picked up from the vending machine, the app registers that and automatically instructs and reminds the user on the medicine use.

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