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Measure Bottle

In daily cooking, seasoning brings out the gusto of a dish, but it can be troublesome and difficult to measure the seasoning ingredients correctly and speedily. Measure Bottle simplifies the act of measuring ingredients by quantifying every “push” as a 1-millimetre unit. 


Yamaura Koji, Niko Yuki, Hattori Kosuke

Seasoning brings out the gusto of a dish. It is always ideal to measure the seasoning accurately, but there are a lot of tasks to manage during cooking. In the event that a lot of seasoning steps are involved, one also has to consider washing a measuring spoon multiple times. This slows down the process of cooking and makes it tedious. 

Measure Bottle is a bottle that is designed to add quantified volumes of seasoning to a dish. It allows the user to change the amount released via the spout by adjusting the “control ring”. This amount can vary from a minimum of 1 millimetre to a maximum of 15 millimetres. If seasoning is pre-stored in these bottles, cooking becomes remarkably more efficient.

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