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Maxima Plus

Maxima Plus is a premium fully flat aircraft seating system that offers maximum capacity, all isle access and a minimum bed length of 76.5 inches (195cm).


Optimares S.p.A., Italy
Team Lead: Alessandro Braca
Design: Andrea Giordano, Alessio Morsicani 

Goood S.r.l., Italy
Team Lead: Ascanio Malgarini

Maxima Plus is a premium fully flat aircraft seating system that offers aisle access to all passengers. Through a patented layout, the system provides a passenger capacity that is comparable to the industry’s most high-density seating systems. The highly customisable seat environment also delivers a unique brand concept to customers. Maxima Plus provides aircrafts with a bespoke design and tailor-made features.


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Maxima Plus can easily be configured and optimised to offer the ultimate personalisation service. The modular centre console offers yet more customisation potentials that allow passengers to fine-tune seat functionality and stowage. The fully motorised kinematics of the seat supports customisable pre-determined programmes. Seats are adjustable over a range of ergonomically determined configurations varying from the upright “take-off and landing” configuration to a fully flat “relaxing and sleeping” surface of 76.5 inches (195cm). 

Optimares’s mission was to design seats that are comfortable throughout a 16-hour flight duration. These seats accommodate an anthropomorphic range that includes the 5th-percentile Asian female built through the 95th-percentile Northern European male built. The under seat-shell open space provides ample stowage for carry-on items, and the space between the footrest and the backshell can be used to manage personal belongings without disturbing the neighbouring passenger.

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