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Magnetosphere Desk Lamp

Magnetosphere Desk Lamp is inspired by our planet and two fundamental forces of the universe – electromagnetism and gravity. This desk lamp embodies the concept that everything is attached and free to move about on the surface of the earth due to gravity.


Lefteris Tsampikakis

The aim for Magnetosphere Desk Lamp is to create a functional, ergonomic, easy-to-use lamp that is extremely simple, but also playful. The base of the lamp is a metallic hollow sphere and the arm comprises a wooden sphere, a pipe and a wooden disk that encloses the light source. At the bottom of the wooden sphere are strong magnets that enable the arm to move and rotate freely across the entire surface of the metallic sphere. The wooden sphere works as an ergonomic handle which the user can hold to manipulate the lamp into any desired form.

This desk lamp evokes various thoughts to the observers. Its form conjures up an image of a magnifier, a radar, a cannon or a scooter mirror, depending on the configuration of the lamp, the viewing angle and the observer. The metallic hollow sphere is filled with sand, and the wooden sphere and disk are made of oak wood. Lastly, inside the disk is a LED board protected by a Plexiglas cover.


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