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Magneto is a laconic lamp with a highly movable light source, minimal constituent elements, and devoid of any mechanical fasteners and bolts.


Sergey Gotvyansky


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This functional laconic lamp consists of a thin metal twig-stand with a stable stone base, and a separate lighting element with one LED. The lighting element is mounted to a twig by a latent magnet, allowing it to move up and down and rotate around the vertical metallic axis.

The light source can be turned a full 360 degrees (in increments of 18 degrees) and fixed in a desired position by the guide disk with slots. This design allows the lamp to be used as a source of both direct and reflected light. Magneto bears a simple laconic design that blends in with any interior space. At the same time, putting several Magneto lamps together can create a powerful installation with expressive shadows that lies on the edge between design and art.

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