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Luminous Zipper Slider

When it is difficult to find something in your bag, the Luminous Zipper Slider comes in as a handy solution


Beijing XRESA technology, China
Team Lead: Lv Zhongyuan
Design: Liu Shu

The interior of our bags can become a dark hole when we are trying to find something. But take it easy, because the Luminous Zipper Slider is here to help. This product combines the a zipper with a small light, making it convenient for users to search for items in their bags even when the lighting is poor. 

A button cell is installed into the zipper so that when the user opens the bag by sliding the zipper, the LED light of the zipper switches on and the interior of the bag is illuminated. Reversely, when the user zips the bag close, the light switches off. Luminous Zipper Slider can be easily operated with one hand. Everything in the bag can be seen easily and looking for something becomes a more efficient task. This simple design represents how little changes can bring big conveniences to everyday life.


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