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LOV3> is an active socialising electronic gadget with an accompanying mobile application for the sharing and streaming of music between loved ones.

LOV3> is a music-sharing device comprising a smartphone application and a set of wireless headphones. It allows individuals to share their listening experiences either intimately, one-to-one, or with a group of friends. With the application, each user can add up to five friends with similar musical taste. If any of the friends has his or her LOV3> headphones on, they have access to the primary user’s musical “station”. By rotating a knob to the right, users can change music “stations” between their friends. If at any point the user does not want to share his or her listening experience, the sharing feature can be switched off.

A common theme in relationships is a shared musical experience, and yet traditional personal music players and headphones create an isolated listening experiencing. At the same time, millennials are discovering and enjoying music differently than generations before them and use social media to discuss and share their musical experiences. LOV3> is designed to strengthen relationships between individuals through music sharing, and to provide the best experience based on the current lifestyle of the millennial generation.


Fatemeh Bateni, Ahmad  Ahmadalkhorasani
United States


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