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Link Playground

Link Playground is created for bodyweight workouts and open-air activities. It is minimal in aesthetic and consists of five basic workout apparatus.


Dmitriy Dlyasin, Mikhail Apyshkov
Russian Federation, Ukraine


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Link Playground is a minimalist playground that consists of five basic apparatuses: dip bars, pull-up bars, monkey bars, a module for abdominal exercises and a bench suitable for outdoor workout practices. It also serves as a bicycle parking station. The apparatus are designed to give the impression of objects made out of a single steel tube.

The whole construction holds itself up and requires minimum fixtures. It promotes a healthy lifestyle, while variegating the cityscape through an uncommon aesthetic. Depending on the load, each apparatus may be made of a thicker or thinner steel tube. The apparatus are designed to cater to different ages, height and weight.

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