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Lines Low Tables

Lines Low Tables are inspired by the simplicity of geometrical lines that connect to form unique shapes and forms. Structurally, the table legs look different from different angles because of overlapping second and third dimensions.

The support of Lines Low Tables is formed by simple lines. Visually, the table legs look different from different angles by virtue of intersecting lines and shapes. Of the two tables in the series, one table has a support composed of 13 metal bars while the other has that of 11 metal bars with drawplates. The same table with just small design modifications can form different structures.  

Conceived as coffee tables that can be used together or in separate spaces, the simplicity of their geometrical forms enrich any indoor or outdoor spaces. The legs are composed of metal rods, all with a diameter of 10mm. The table legs turn into a playful dance, which strips a regular table of its boxy and rigid form.


Zoran Mojsilovic


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