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Life Path

Life Path is a fire escape equipment that helps rescue victims who are trapped in a high-rise buildings in the event of fire.


Cheng Bin, Mou Yang, Wu Hangsheng, Zang Zhangcheng

Life Path is a life-saving solution for people who are trapped in a high-rise building that is on fire. It has a handle that can be used as a fixing ring buckle for escape. It is easy to use, and fast to deploy without any need for special training. Its safety belt integrates three considerations of safety, practicality and convenience. It may not be as effective as  professional carabiners, but for the layman in an emergency, a safety belt would be easier to use than a carabiner.

Life Path uses a conspicuous red shade so that it can be easily spotted in a crisis. At the same time, black was chosen as a secondary colour to calm the user down in a crisis. As a professional escape equipment, the design of Life Path does not focus on its external aesthetic. Instead, its design prioritises the function and ease of use while making it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Life Path can be used repeatedly. After delivering victims to a safe location, the rope can be brought back and used to save and transport more victims.


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