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Life Mask

Life Mask is designed to save people in a fire by incorporating an inside-filer layer, an aquifer layer and an oxygen layer. The design of this mask differs from conventional ones because it is able to protect the respiratory organs from smoke and fire, thus increasing the probability of escape.

The Life Mask differs from conventional masks because it is designed to adhere closely to the face, instead of being worn loosely from the ears. With three layers – an inside-filer layer, an aquifer layer and an oxygen layer – it serves as an isolating agent to protect the respiratory organs, thus increasing the chances of escape in a fire.

When necessary, the user can tear it down and stick it directly onto the face. The cotton filter is designed with a zigzag shape. From a basic size, the mask can be stretched into different sizes to suit different face profiles. When attached to the face, the mask prevents exposure to high temperature and poisonous air and in this way, helps people escape a fire.


Zhao Yachong, Sun Xiaofeng, Zhang Jiannan, Yu Xiaoyue


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