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Level Sander

Level Sander is a sanding tool that visually shows the extent of applied force. This helps the user to gauge and compare if he is using too much or too little force.


Lee Seung Hyeop
South Korea


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When doing sanding work with a sanding machine, it is very important to make a plane consistently even and flat. Any uneven surfaces because of erroneous application of force will take a lot of time and labour to fix. Level Sander helps prevent such mistakes in advance and makes it more comfortable to work with  a sanding tool. 

A LCD display shows a light spectrum in nine stages that indicate the level of force applied. Users can use it to gauge and compare if they are using too much or too little force, thus making sanding work easier and reducing the chances of error. This characteristic is especially helpful for users who are inexperienced with sanding tools. As Level Sander has minimal physical buttons, the user can hold on to any part of the machine, which allows sanding work to be done comfortably and freely in different postures. Level Sander has a long and lightweight body, with a symmetrical and ergonomic form, and a rubberised grip – features that come together for a comfortable, stable and efficient sanding performance.

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