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Leather DIY - Upcycling Remnant Leather

The project begins with a question: What can we do with the leftover leather remnants from the production of apparels and accessories for major fashion brands? With a needle and thread, Azero’s leather sheets can be made into any product.


Azero Leather, South Korea
Team Lead: Park Ki
Design: An Jeeyong, Dr. Lee Hyangeun

Each day, tons of scrap leather from the production of leather apparels and accessories is being discarded by leather sewing factories all around the world. Due to the leather dyeing process that involves chemicals, incinerating these leather remnants will contribute to more air pollution. If buried in the ground, leather will take more than 45 years to decompose completely. Azero takes these leather remnants and turn them into usable leather materials for small craftwork.

Azero’s leather sheets are available in standard A3 and A4 paper sizes. Each package includes two sheets of genuine leather from various animal origins and they come in a variety of colours at reasonable prices. With a simple toolkit with an awl, a cutter, needles and threads, our potential customers can begin to learn the craft of making simple leather accessories such as a square pouch, a card case or a handbag.

Through Azero’s homepage (, easy-to-follow templates with directions can be easily downloaded. High quality, soft touch leather is often considered luxurious, expensive, or hard to handle. However, Azero makes these materials more accessible. With a little bit of handicraft skills, anyone can make and own good quality leather products such as pencil cases, small wallets, tablet covers, shoe cases, leather trays, etc.

Azero also aims to produce its own leather accessory product line – one with a minimal aesthetic that focuses on pure quality and reasonable prices – using the same concept of upcycling leather remnants. With the participation of potential customers who will set a lifestyle trend towards non-profit leather upcycling, the creators hope that this design manifesto will make a contribution to the world by making the environment cleaner and safer.


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