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L is a kitchen faucet that can disinfect rags. When rags are hung on the arm of the kitchen mixer, the far infrared automatically turns on the sterilisation function.


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Xiamen Solex High-Tech Industries Co., Ltd., China

Team Lead: Chen Zhida

Design: Chen Zhida, Zheng Rongyao, Chen Yiying, Wang Min, Yang Rong, Shi Yingchun, Lin Zehong, Mo Shiyun, Cheng Xumin

Kitchen rags can be used up to more than 30 times a day, thus allowing bacteria to breed easily. It is important that the rag in the family kitchen is frequently disinfected or replaced. G-sensor technology ensures that the far infrared automatically turns on the sterilisation function when rags are hung on a kitchen faucet’s arm. 

Far infrared is a set of heating and drying technology for the sterilisation of health technologies. It has a high heat transfer efficiency, produces even heating, and causes no harm or disadvantages to human health.

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