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KOLON calendar

The KOLON Calendar is a corporate gift design that uses a very special printing technique called “engraving offset” to create a high quality limited edition VIP calendar.


Yonart, South Korea
Team Lead: Zun Hoo Yon
Design: Kim Sun Nam, Kim Dae Wook, Son Yun Sik 

basecommunications, South Korea
Team Lead: Yang Hye Jeong


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The KOLON Calendar features artworks by Raqip Shaw, an Indian artist who creates intricate and subtle details with vibrant colours. His works also express both traditions of East and West and uses techniques employed in Persian carpet craft and European Renaissance paintings. This is paired with the use of industrial materials and a lacquer painting technique. Raqip Shaw’s artistic style was thought to represent the reputation, core values and international positioning of KOLON as a company. KOLON is one of the leading Korean companies that are involved in the construction, retail, industrial materials and fashion industries.

Raqip Shaw’s artworks are printed with a special technique called “engraving offset” that is usually applied to high quality paper products. A lot of effort was made to balance the utility of the monthly calendar and the essence of Raqip Shaw’s artworks. The gold calligraphy exhibits the texture of his brush strokes, while paper from Arches is used to emphasise the gold. KOLON Calendar is meant to be appreciated like a work of art in one’s home or workspace. KOLON’s clients receive this VIP calendar from the company as a form of gratitude for long-term partnerships.

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