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KI ecobe is designed as human-oriented and eco-friendly shoes. It is aimed at health and happiness, while seeking balance between nature and civilisation.

In the production and supply of products beyond necessities, and the fast fashion that has been leading to wasteful resources, the world faces both serious environmental destruction and poor, harmful working conditions for production workers. As a response, KI ecobe moves in a different direction to create shoes that are produced in human-oriented and eco-friendly ways.

Unlike existing shoes manufactured with chemical glues, KI ecobe adopts a modular design that eliminates the need for solvents and toxic adhesives frequently used in manufacturing processes. This enables the shoe product to be constantly renewed by replacing parts that are worn-out. The modular design also reduces production cost and enhances competitiveness in the market. In addition, it protects the health of workers who produce the shoes by providing a pleasant and safe working environment.


INNUS KOREA Co., Ltd., South Korea
Team Lead: Kim Gyudeog
Design: Lee Hyunho, Park Sungeun, Lee Sangwoo, Lee Junghi


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KI ecobe can be customised by applying various seasonal materials and colours based on personal preference. This satisfies customer’s demands and provides room for expressing one’s individuality through fashion choices. 

KI ecobe can also be transformed into casual shoes of various functions – an indoor pair of shoes by wearing the inner boots without the soles; or a pair of summer sandals by putting the uppers and soles together. The sole of the shoe is made of a moulded green elastomeric material, which has enhanced abrasion resistance qualities, reduced weight relative to existing rubber materials, and recyclable properties. 

Eco-friendly and easily self-assembled, KI ecobe is truly a sustainable shoe design, for both suppliers and consumers, and one with multifunctional characteristics and longevity of use. Its objective is to change people’s perception of the world through ethical and conscious consumption, while ensuring satisfaction for manufacturers, workers, suppliers, and consumers on the global market.

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