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Kangaroo Chair

Kangaroo Chair provides a compartment in the backrest of the chair for bags and belongings. 


Wang Cheng, He Ting, Wu Mingjie, Fei Qin, Wang Bin


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In a restaurant or public place, where does one leave his or her bag and belonging when seated in a chair? On the lap, on the floor, or on another chair? None of the above is a good choice. Kangaroo Chair provides a space in the chair for a bag or belongings without sacrificing the sitting comfort.

By making small changes to the backrest and creating a concaved compartment, a user can use this recessed part of the chair to rest personal belongings and still lean back against the backrest comfortably. This is an intuitive, user-centric design as it is very natural for people to stuff their bags between one’s back and the chair’s backrest even if it is uncomfortable. With the Kangaroo Chair, this little problem in life is very easily solved.

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