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Kallpa Coffee Machine

Kallpa Coffee Machine recognises QR codes printed on coffee capsules and allows users to access contents that coffee producers wish to communicate through their capsules.

Kallpa Coffee Machine is designed with a QR code reader in the capsule feed tray. It automatically recognises coffee capsules with QR codes printed. Connected to a Wi-Fi network, a touch screen display allows users to access QR code contents that may include nutritional information, preparation tips, capsule combinations, advertisements and promotional offers from the coffee producers. 


Ernesto Rosales

After feeding the capsule into the machine, the user has access to various options of coffee preparation – how much water to fill, the water temperature, etc. Once the method of preparation is defined, the user simply has to press the “start” button. While the coffee is being prepared, the user can browse the QR code contents via the touch screen. With this QR code function, the Kallpa Coffee Machine also allows users to generate feedback directly to producers of coffee capsules and link up a personal calendar to track patterns of consumption by amount, type of coffee and hours of use.


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