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Kalachakra Tibetan Incense

Kalachakra Tibetan Incense combines the Mandala and the burning of incense and represents “sunyata” (voidness) and mystery to encourage Buddhist prayer and practice.


Ame Culture, China
Team Lead: Zou Mingbo
Design: Qi Xiaoting, Chen Gaomeng, Li Min, Li Siwen

The Mandala is an important symbol of ancient Tibetan Buddhism culture. The cross-shaped centre symbolises merits, virtues and the oracle. It is also the most skilful and convenient way to come to a successful issue in Tibetan Buddhism. As an indispensable part of oriental aesthetics of life, the burning of incense is an act of good wishes and forms an important element in meditation, self-cultivation and study.

The Kalachakra Tibetan Incense has a clever design. It combines the Mandala and the burning of incense in a simplified manner that represents “sunyata” (voidness) and mystery. This is an innovative way to present the teachings of Buddhism and encourage Buddhist practice and prayer. Its Kalachakra Mandala (an outer-packing pattern) also represents the palaces of Buddha and Bodhisattva in oriental traditional Buddhist culture.


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