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Iron Hive

Structured like a beehive, Iron Hive is a modular shelf system that allows users to organise in an organic way.

The project inspiration comes from repetitive geometrical elements that simulate the optical effect and complex polygonal shapes of a beehive structure, as well as that of other natural elements like atoms, cells or crystals. The intention is to create a modular system that recalls each of these elements in their strongest properties – the solidity and lightness of a beehive, the splitting and flexibility of atoms, and reproducibility of cells. The result is a piece of furniture that is organic and structured, delicate and strong, all at the same time.

The Iron Hive series is composed of individual modules that allow the user to classify, store and “grow” the storage solution as required. With the support of a simple wooden base, the modules also function well as seats or side tables. When the modules are combined, they can form a bookshelf, a sideboard or any furniture that one fancies.

The Iron Hive bookshelf is lightness and stability at its best. It has a polished iron or powder coated finish, which makes its outlook elemental, organic or solemn. The cells are interconnected by small, but powerful magnets, which do not interfere with the purity of the form.

 This also allows for easy assembly even by the unskilled of hands. The final structure is highly dependant on the user’s taste, needs and perception. The shape-shifting character of this system adds vitality and dynamism to life.


Davide Mezzasalma


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