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Intelligent Van

Intelligent Van saves labour effort and cost in the transportation of goods. Workers only have to make sure goods are on a mechanical platform of the van to load and unload the goods.


Dalian Minzu University, China
Faculty Advisors: Prof. Bao Haimo, Xu Kun
Design: He Chengang, Wang Yunlong, Qiao Song, Feng Ming, Li Xi, Cai Mengsheng, Tian Jianzhuang, Qi Ji

With rapid development of the international logistics industry the frequency, effort and cost of carrying goods is increasing too. Intelligent Van reduces the cost of labour for the transportation of goods. Workers only have to move the goods onto a mechanical platform at the back of the van to load and unload the goods. This also reduces the chances of accidents. 

To load goods into the van, simply open the cargo door and lower the door into a horizontal platform until it lays flat on the ground. Place the goods onto the platform, which will rise gradually to meet the van’s floor via a hydraulic lift device. Now, the conveyer belt runs to move the goods to their designated place in the van. When the job is done, the platform returns to its original position as the cargo door, and closes.

The whole loading and unloading process is controlled via a controller. The wheels on the cargo door also make sure that the door moves smoothly and freely as a platform on the ground for the unloading process. Intelligent Van creates a safer and more effective mode of loading and unloading goods for the modern logistics industry.


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