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Integrated Computer B

This is an integrated office and home computer that has an OLED screen with a cambered surface. The overall form is shaped like a smiley face, which gives the computer a more user-friendly aesthetic.


Sun Zhenzhong

Integrated Computer B is an all-in-one computer. Its design inspiration comes from a combination of a fire extinguisher, a trolley case, a smiley and a perfume bottle. It is built with a large-sized OLED screen with a cambered surface, and a minimalist design from the back. The screen and the main computer are put together with only four screws.  

The biggest selling feature is the base of the screen, which has a monochrome surface with a hidden touch interface. The interface’s preset capability allows different functions to be mapped, such as customised controls for video playing. The base is also integrated with auxiliary utilities such as a suction-type CD-ROM drive, laser projection for the keyboard and mouse, a mini microphone and a built-in Harman Kardon Megabass unit. When needed, the base can function independently from the computer. It displays time, alarm clock setting, weather forecast and prompt social media notifications – all displayed separately from the screen to make multitasking more convenient. 

The body of the computer works like a computer host and is available in two options – silver or black. The two cameras installed near the top of the screen enable 3D camera work. Harmon Kardon speakers are placed on both sides of the screen, equipped with a Subwoofer to ensure quality of tone.


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