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Innovative Precious Tea Can

The product was created to demonstrate the perfect integration of advanced manufacturing technology and cultural heritage. The Innovative Precious Tea Can, made with aluminium extrusion with wooden lid, provides seamless finishing to preserve the flavour of the tea.


Contact Design Limited, Hong Kong
Team Lead: Kong Wai Connie Lee

The Contact Store, Hong Kong
Team Lead: Ming Sum Mazing Lee

The idea is to design a premium yet sustainable packaging that would reflect the extraordinary taste and the one-of-a-kind quality of deluxe Agarwood tea. Agarwood Tea is a new blend of Black Tea and Agarwood – a precious fragrant heartwood that is used by the ancient Chinese royal family because of its proven medical benefits.


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Instead of treating it as a tea packaging, the Innovative Precious Tea Can was designed as a useful object that would last. Durable and beautiful, the tea container’s design addresses the following aspects: sustainability, cultural essence and user experience. It provides a new perspective on sustainable product packaging. 

The tea container is made of state-of-the-art aluminium extrusion that provides seamless finishing and an airtight barrier to preserve the flavour of the Agarwood tea. Aluminium extrusion, being the main production process instead of the traditional die-casting or stamping process, greatly reduces the tooling cost and allows for small batch production. The wooden lid, made of American walnut, is engraved with laser-cut logo to add a natural and modern touch. With a dedicated choice of materials used, the product symbolises a mix of traditional and modern technology.

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