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Evoking the feel of an old transistor radio, equipped with the power of cloud music, Infinm lets you travel in time with music.


Kiran R


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Infinm is a radio that doesn’t tune through radio frequencies, but through periods of time, evoking memories of times that the user still keeps dear. Turn the knob to move across time. Time, a priceless element, was chosen as the core since people tend to associate music with events or periods of their life.  A song that they grew up listening to or a song that they used to listen during their college days. They may not remember the exact year, but may remember the period altogether.

In this era of smartphones, Infinm tries to bring back the beauty of tangibility associated with products, at the same time, making access to cloud music easy and intuitive. Anyone, however technologically inhibited they are, may access cloud music through Infinm.

It also has an advanced interface where all other options present in a typical network media player is available, such as access to media library across connected devices, internet radio, on demand services etc. It is hidden deliberately and is accessed only by pressing the main jog dial.

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