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A piece of wood that can be cut into any length desired – this is the inspiration for the design of Infinite, a Bluetooth-enabled speaker design. Only some inner components have to be changed to alter the length of the speaker, which can be limitlessly extended. 

The Infinite speakers has three key features: the length of the speaker can be extended indefinitely; due to the flexible property of aluminum, all the holes of the speakers are made with a CNC machine after tooling; and the speaker can be reproduced in different styles and outlooks because of the infinite possibilities of the design.

The interior core of the speakers, which are also called the ‘cavity system’, is installed independently. This means that different cavity systems can be installed for different lengths of speakers and allow the speakers to be individually developed at a lower cost.

Speakers of different length and power cater to different functions. The single-horn speaker can be used as a hands-free telephone in the car. The dual-horns speaker can be used as mobile phone speaker. The four-horns speaker can be used with the computer. Lastly, speakers with more horns can be used with the television, or as part of the home theater system.

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