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ILY-A is an ultra-compact electronic personal mobility device equipped with safety features issued from robotics. It transforms into four different forms to suit a wide variety of transport and activity needs for all generations from youths to active seniors.

ILY-A is more than a mode of transport – it is an interactive and stylish life-aid designed for all generations from youths to seniors, even for those who may be hesitant to use nursing care and welfare equipment. This futuristic vehicle contributes to the realisation of a society in which people of all generations, from youths to seniors, can be active participants of a range of activities in everyday life.


Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., Japan
Team Lead: Oka Yuichiro
Design: Shinde Yoshihiro, Nishi Yuya, Peter Marco 

Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan
Team Lead: Prof. Furuta Takayuki

This ultra-compact electronic personal mobility device transforms into four different formations to suit a wide variety of transport and activity needs: the motor-driven “vehicle” mode, the “kickboard” mode, the “cart” mode that also works as a walking assistance, and a “carry” mode that can be towed, carried or stored away compactly. Nearly as compact as a baby stroller, it is equipped with a newly developed robotics technology “intelligent safety” feature that automatically slows down and activates the brake when an obstacle or person is detected in its path. In addition, ILY-A constantly diagnoses and monitors itself for any malfunctioning and prevents potential accidents before they occur.

The aging society in Japan is expected to peak in 2020. In the area of transportation, there will be a growing demand for mobility devices that enable all members of society to participate actively, safely and comfortably in their respective lifestyles. The field of personal mobility development requires comprehensive capabilities from usability to safety features. Situated in Japan, a country renowned for its attentiveness, the team behind ILY-A wishes to lead the world in the field of personal mobility development.


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