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The i-V OLED Smart TV

The i-V OLED Smart TV has a rotatable bracket and is designed for easy self-installation, operation and efficient assembling, disassembling, packing and shipping.

Most TV and their stands are separately assembled before transportation to minimise of the overall packaging and package size. However, this means that consumers will need to make the extra effort to assemble the TV, which can be inconvenient. This product helps to reduce the trouble of assembling and disassembling which leads to a better user experience. 

The i-V OLED Smart TV has a rotating bracket that makes installation easy, the operation foolproof, and the shipping more efficient. The mental sound-bar multitasks as the TV bracket and is packed together with the TV, while the rotatable feet of the TV barely take up any space. To set up the TV on the table, consumers only need to unpack and rotate the feet into a V-shape. To mount the TV on the wall, the feet can be adjusted back into its original position.


PPLive Corporation, China
Team Lead: Yin Yu An
Design: Chang Jiang, Gao Jia Wei, Li Zhuang


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