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i-care is a new drip warning cloud system that breaks the traditional drip rack restrictions. The idea is to promptly receive data about patients’ conditions through the Internet to help caregivers do their job more efficiently and reduce dosage errors in drug administration.

i-care provides a more comprehensive medical care and helps caregivers find better ways to do their jobs efficiently. Since all of the patients’ medical records and requisite information are usually stored on Cloud platforms, if given access to the information, caregivers can better prioritise the needs of patients. Providing essential assistance, i-care reduces the stress on caregivers by a great deal.

i-care, combines touch control circuit, weight sensing, screen display, infrared scanning, RFID devices, and many other cutting-edge technologies. For example, the device is designed to calculate the flow rate and the remaining amount of fluid in the bag of an IV pole. This function alerts patients when the injection is completed. The system also automatically sends messages to help nurses and doctors keep track of the progress. In addition, information regarding the progress of IV pole can be collected, processed and sent to the Cloud platform, which helps medical staff sort out each individual patient’s personal and medical information.


Ding Yan-Zhang, Zeng Bo-Ying, Lian Wan-Ru, Huang Ying-Lun

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