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Hoop is a unique light source that animates interior space by both night and day. It creates shifting light and shadow through natural motion, combining the function of a pendant light with the dynamic form of a sculptural mobile.


Yokota Saki

Hoop is an attempt to challenge our perception of a familiar industrial design product – the pendant light. It combines this objective with a personal interest in the intersections between art, design and craft. Hoop does not seek to place itself within a single category. Rather, it acknowledges the characteristics of each. In doing so, it also combines seemingly contrasting elements of standardised mass production with individuality.

Hoop recognises the huge difference in the static quality of an electric bulb and the fluid quality of natural daylight. It is composed of modular frames and illuminated rings – two differently sized three-dimensional printed hoop illuminations, and three wooden frames of different lengths. This simple system lends itself to multiple variations of combination to suit any interior situation. Hoop moves according to the air movement in a room, be it from natural ventilation, air conditioning or someone walking past. This state of animation is a sympathetic metaphor for constantly changing natural light.

During the day, it is not immediately evident that Hoop is a light and its function becomes secondary to its sculptural presence. At night its function is primary emitting dynamic, not static, light. Hoop aims to be sensitive to the function it provides and as such, create a more sympathetic connection with the people and spaces it serves.


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