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Home Stick Bar

Home Stick Bar leads a new lifestyle for home entertainment. With the remote control structure of Stick PC, users can turn any display product at home into a new form factor PC with wireless display and easy interaction.


Lenovo Group, China

The concept of Home Stick Bar is designed for family settings. It comprises two components – a Stick PC remote and a Stick bar. An interaction system surrounding these two components allows users to experience different functions to satisfy different needs in a multi-scenario modern life. This multi-functional Stick Bar allows users to vividly enjoy their smart life with high quality speakers, wireless charging capability, and a home data storage utility when connected to smart devices.


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The Stick PC remote is the essential part of the concept. It is unique to other similar devices on the market because it can be connected to any display with an HDMI wireless dongle, and turns the display into a new form factor PC. Stick PC remote offers touch pad control and voice control when it turns to remote mode. Users can easily switch between different systems of Aura and Windows 10 through the switch button and the Stick PC remote provides two different modes of control depending the system. With the Stick bar’s internal HD storage that is wirelessly connected to the Stick PC remote, users can easily save or load the date by the remote.

The Home Stick Bar is an organic bar table containing various functions that people need so much in their daily lives. The table surface of Stick bar provides wireless charging function to avoid messy cables. Furthermore, with the internal HD storage, Home Stick Bar can also be used a home cloud centre. Equipped with a high quality Bluetooth speaker, the entire family can enjoy music and entertainment contents together via the Home Stick Bar.

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