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HELI-X | Aircraft Interior & Livery Design

HELI-X | Aircraft Interior & Livery Design is the design of the executive VIP interior and the exterior graphic identity for the AW609 tilt-rotor aircraft now under development by Leonardo.


jozeph forakis … design, Italy
Team Lead: Jozeph Forakis
Design: Deok San Lee, Nikolai Rizo, Wiliam Govoni, Soomin Kim, Stefanija Najdovska 

Leonardo Helicopter Division, Italy
Team Lead: Manuela Barbarossa

The overall design of HELI-X emphasises comfort, transparency, lightness and efficiency. It reflects a positive vision of the future that is bold, humanistic and refined, expressing a philosophy of thoughtful evolution and seamless integration. Based on science fact, not fiction, the design combines forward thinking, advanced materials and digital technologies to establish a new paradigm in personal aviation for the 21st century.

The center-piece of the interior is the multi-layered “active window” lighting system using thin, flexible daylight spectrum OLED panels. Miniature exterior video cameras regulate light intensity in real-time. The effect is of a ‘real’ continuous window with diffused daylight penetrating the cabin, constantly adjusting to changing conditions. This is complemented by the “active skylight” with views from above the aircraft projected onto the ceiling in real-time. 

The “active skin” wall liner uses modular leather tiles that are easily customised with 5 different functions: 3D-formed leather with acoustic backing; high-fidelity flat-speakers; LED spot lighting; air ventilation; oxygen mask. The unified tiles create a subtle, dynamic surface texture inspired by a twisting double helix – a core theme of the overall design – reflecting the advanced, twin-phase, multi-directional capabilities of the AW609 tilt-rotor aircraft itself. This double-helix motif is also reflected in the design of the exterior livery & graphic Identity: a spiraling 3D “super-graphic” wrapping continuously around the fuselage, underscoring Forakis’ holistic design approach. 

Other notable features include: lightly upholstered carbon fibre seating platforms that appear to be suspended from the floor and walls; a sleek aluminium minibar and separate Jump Seat in the Mini Lounge; the Jump Seat that also flips up to reveal a hidden toilet.


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