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Heat-Save Kettle

Heat-Save Kettle is designed to absorb heat-loss from a stove fire and regenerate it as heat energy.


AnHui JuHui Cultural Enterprise Limited, China
Team Lead: Xiao Zha
Design: Li Yi, Zhang Sen, Hao Hao, Qian Cheng

Usually, cooking on a stove only uses 30% of the heat energy generated by the fire while the other 70% of the heat is lost. Is it possible to increase the heat efficiency by recycling the heat that is lost? Heat-Save Kettle is designed with a ring-style kettle to absorb any heat-loss and harness it into energy. Furthermore, the water boiled in the process can be used for various functions in the kitchen.

The Heat-Save Kettle is compatible with conventional pots and pans and pots. The ring-style design of the base offers a bigger capacity to contain water. The patterns on the metal surface provide a bigger inner surface area to maximise heat absorption and air circulation for efficient cooking.


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