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Harmony Portable Cutlery

In order to advocate low-carbon environmental protection and minimise the use of disposable tableware, personal portable cutlery should be used when eating outside. This design satisfies the needs of dining with a knife and a spork (a hybrid spoon and fork).


Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Liu XiuWei

Wang Peng

In terms of structure, the spork makes full use of the function of a hand shank, which also serves as a sheath for a knife. In this way, it saves plenty of space and it is much easier to carry around. To use the cutlery, push the black and white buttons at the same time, pull the two halves apart, and one can have a meal instantly with a knife and fork in his hands.


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After the meal, one can simply wipe the cutlery clean, and retract the knife and fork, which keeps it clean from external pollutants. The external design is inspired by traditional Chinese tai chi and symbolises the harmony and fusion of two halves, and also that of Chinese and Western culture. The design uses the pebble shape which fits into the hand easily and makes it more comfortable to handle.

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